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Advertage Products from Chinapcbone

Multilayer PCB

Not only double side PCBs,we provide up to 32layers PCBs.Special process like Heavy copper up to 20 OZ is possible.

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High Frequency PCBs

Not only standard FR4,we provide boards with high frequency materials,like PTFE,Taconic,Rogers,copper base,etc.

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Rigid-Flex PCB.

We provide up to 20layers Rigid+8layers Flex PCBs,line width/spacing can be 3/3mil.

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Not only mechanical drilling boards,we use Laser drilling for HDI boards,like 0.075mm and 0.1mm drilling size.

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Product Introduction

ChinaPCBOne was founded in 2008, we are dedicated to offering one-stop(turn-key) PCB service solutions for prototype as well as small-volume to mid-volume production runs. We have two branch factories which provide PCB design, PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly and other services.

  • PCB Manufacturing Services

    PCB fabrication service for High Density PCB, Rigid-Flex PCB, High Multilayer PCB, HDI PCB, Impedance Control PCB, Hard Gold Plating PCB, Rogers PCB, Aluminum PCB.
  • Turnkey PCBA Assembly Services

    Over 10years about product's assembly and we are professionals to handle the industrial production and measurement devices. 0201 chip components and 0.2mm pitch BGA,Quality Assurance by AOI and X-Ray inspection.
  • Purchase Electronic Components

    Strong components supply-chain supported by two overseas purchasing office in Hong Kong, USA. component procurement according to your requirements.
  • Value-Added Service - PCB Design

    Depending on what input you provide, we offer PCB Design from recovering schematics and layout if you have a prototype, to place & route if you have schematics, to creating schematics and layout if you have an idea. The output of this service are: Gerber, NC Drill, and BoM.
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  • Purchase Electronic Components
  • PCB Design

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