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Placing Orders

  • (1) Choose the type of order you want! E.g. PCB

  • (2) Choose the type of PCB you want, such as 2-20 layers

  • (3) Fill in the order data on the left, then click the "Calculation" button on the right!

  • (4) Then the system will give a quote, if you think the quote is reasonable, you can click "Next step"

  • (5) Then you need to confirm the data (step 1), then check the confirmation information (step 2), and then click the "Create Order" button (step 3)

  • (6) If you have a PO No., click the "Add" button to add your PO No. (step 1); if you have not uploaded the file, please upload the file first (step 2)

  • (7) Select the order you want to submit and click "Process Checkout"

  • (8) Fill in your shipping address, please be sure to fill in the correct address information!

  • (9) Select the courier method and click "Confirm"

  • (10) Then your order will enter the review status. We will send an email to inform you of the successful review, and send a message notification on the client! Please pay attention to your email!

Thank you very much for reading this guide! I wish you a happy life!

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